August 2013, Microsite


Jägermeister Blaskapelle is the festival and party group of Jägermeister bringing contemporary pop songs together with the classic sound of woodwind instruments, that we introduced from a very uncommon perspective in an interactive VJ tool.


Jägermeister asked us to create more attention to festivals sponsored by them and their activity on many national and international festivals. Even the people at home should get a glimpse on what's happening there. Creating buzz and achieving their digital goals were also part of the challenge.


While researching on this issue, we discovered this pretty interesting group of musicians that have been around Jägermeister for quite a while, creating some good vibes during breaks on festivals or parties in Germany. We thought about ways to pull off a stage for them were we can showcase their skills and also have users getting curious looking at them from a odd perspective. We mounted GoPro cameras on each instrument and gave the musical power to the user at home by playing around with every single instrument turning it on or off. Every song sounds therefore different depending on which instrument is playing at that moment.


We went to a heavy metal festival near Leipzig and shot all the footage we needed to introduce the microsite and create individual messages that users could send their friends to invite them. The site is totally html and css driven but feels like an good old flash site. Click through to create some funny video messages for your friends.


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