January 2004, Branding


Here is a selection of logo and corporate design work since 2004. Over the time I have seen businesses grow and change but the core brand idea remained the same.


Every logo started with an idea that illustrates the core business of every company in a simple and appealing way. Some of them were also equipped with graphic designs that surrounded the logos or a visual language that was used all over, f.e. in stationary, POS or packaging.

Checkpoint Games

Checkpoint games is a console and PC gaming store that opened its doors 2012. Clients aging from 12-50 years walked in to pick up the latest games. The idea behind the logo was to be identified by gamers as a potential game logo that they should feel comfortable with. Along with the logo stationary and handouts were also designed and produced.

Electronic Medical Report

The browser software for doctors who require a professional solution to keep track of their patients data, needed a concise visual mark that was symbolized through a wavy red cross and a capital E.

The Morning Run

A group of amateur basketball professionals in NYC asked for a logo that is old school as they are and wanted it to symbolize their city. Three concepts based on the typical NYish and American visuals were designed that I all liked, but the winner was the round Statue of Liberty head/ball logo.

Ajans Press

Ajans Press is Istanbul rooted company that is been around for over 50 years. This concept goes back to its beginnings by monitoring newspaper for companies and artists by using typical typographic design. Nowadays they even offer social media monitoring. Hell, the internet got big.

Serdar Sahin

2014 is the right time for some changes, so did I. Along with a new website, my new full-time freelance engagement needed a new logo. I was playing around with some typographic treatment that somehow carried my initials and giving it an interesting twist by using a reflected "Z" as "S" and some custom character treatment.

Dr. Jason Inan

In 2010, a dentist friend in Heilbronn near Stuttgart approached me to design the corporate design of his newly opened dentist studio. The doc was looking for a simple symbol to demonstrate his business, so an abstract tooth made it through the final selection.

Dr. Tamer Seckin

A NY based gynecologist, quite known among VIPs in New York city, asked me to create a symbol for his business. Now guess what's the symbol is all about?

J├Ąger, Hitziger und Partner

A group of engineers based in Stuttgart briefed me to create a wordmark based on their initials and their wish was to be glossy as well. The partly hidden letters still remain a legible wordmark which is quite unique.


The garage door company Frankentore started a new business named Aluforce, which was newly created and is a patented part of a garage door, that stands for solidness and lightness.


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