January 2011, Microsite


BMW ConnectedDrive Future Lab is the digital hub for future driver assistance concept provided by BMW.


Design and develop directions to communicate BMW's future innovation projects in a futuristic and modern way. And also think of compatibility solutions for technologies like mobile and tab devices f.e. the iPad.


By developing design directions we explored the topic of futuristic design elements. When doing that I researched former and future design concepts from BMW designers and then thought to myself what I consider being futuristic. I travelled through architectural and animation driven websites and found one little piece of hint in the BMW Welt in Munich, which was the basic idea of the triangle. Another idea was to have some sort of design element that can be used as a pattern that feels alive. On top of that we place anothre pattern of topics that can be either used with your mouse or your fingers by tapping on it.


The final solution was a microsite built in Flash and html 5 for iPad users that features a dynamic amount of contents like articles, slideshows, videos or animations. The client is happy, we are happy and the facebook community is also happy (over 8,000 likes since february 2011).


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